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Welcome to
the National association of University woman Fundraiser!

Updated as of 01/04/24 at 11:39 AM

Welcome to The Tipsy Cookie, where deliciousness and philanthropy meet! Join us in supporting the National Association of University Woman with our fundraiser from December 18th-December 29th. Order as many cookies as you like with a flat shipping rate of $8.95 and 40% of the proceeds will go towards their organization focusing on education, literacy, community service, and more.​

It's a competition, so at checkout out ensure you put the name of the individual that referred you!  Checkout of the leaderboard below to see who is in the lead!

Select your flavors!

Who's in the lead?

Note: The leader board updates daily.   

Connie McCaskill
Michelle Gayle
Aaronetta Clausell
Doris Maloy
Ronica Mathis
Willa Dennard
Sheila Williams
Latrice Bradford -
Dinah Scott
Jolisa Coffee
Angelia Rivers
Angela Harrison
Gwendolyn Lane
Cynthia Bryant
Polly Spears
Carrie Herring
Tamika Brown
Sabrina Hayes
Carolyn Cummings
Altamese Osborne
Viola Murphy
Jerry Gilmore
Georgia Bowen
Ashley Wright
Natasha Lunan
Ivory Gabriel
Felicia Thomas
Michelle Johnson
Patricia Clem
Andrenetta Spears
Louise Royal
Emily Moore
Tarolyn Waymon
Senovia Williams
Helen Arnold
Litha McGill -
Audrey Smith
Ora Green
Beverly Johnson
Barbara Montgomery
Sharon Westberry
Johnnie Engram
Elmira Davis
Donna Darity
Carolyn Green
Ruth Foster
Mary Spencer
Vivian Wilson
Jamelle Newman
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